Simple Bunker Fly




The following pattern was submitted to the Fly Line by Bill Hubbard in September of 2002. Given the amount of Baby Bunker present in the waters of the Northeast these past few years, this pattern should be of interest to you.  The fly pictured was tied by Bill.

Trip Report: 9/5/2002

Thought some might like the recipe for my Simple Bunker Fly.  This is the second year I've been using it successfully.  Until today, it had accounted for some really big Stripers – up to 38" last October.  Today on a wire leader, it took 14 big Bluefish in the 8 - 10 pound range, the largest just under 14 lbs. On my Boga-grip.  I broke off one Blue at the boat that was at least 36" long!!!  It doesn't take much to entice fish when they are smashing bunker and you tend to lose a lot of flies if blues are around.  The beauty of this fly is that after it gets mangled a few times it fishes like a medium size Deceiver.


2/0 or 3/0 plated or stainless, please bend down the barbs.


White mono-cord


Double layer of fluorescent yellow Cactus Chenille, tied to end directly over barb.


Tie in a bunch of silver tinsel on top and on each side of hook.  The side bunches only back to hook bend, top a little longer.  You cannot use too much silver tinsel on this fly.  I'm using Flashabou or Sparkleflash.


Tie in a 3" bunch of White Bucktail, separately on each side of hook and splayed away from body.  Tie in another bunch ( chartreuse or olive) with tinsel mixed in on top of hook.  This bunch is 4” long.


The fly swims like a Flatwing.  There is no wing or tinsel on the underside so that the Yellow Chenille can show through.  I fish it on a 300-grain line when Bunker are thick and fish are splashing the surface.  Today, I tried it with an intermediate line and the Blues gobbled it every time.  A slow retrieve under the bedlam with frequent stops will entice Bass and Blues to strike – usually.