Juicy Fruit Fly


If you’re a fan of bright attractor patterns you might like to try this one. It’s a GREAT early season fly and is very effective in murky waters. It has a color scheme that fish seem to respond to and the cheeks provide a convincing profile. The first time I tied one on I caught schoolies on virtually every cast until the fly disintegrated! The dressing here is from memory although I’ve seen two slightly different versions in print. Here is the way I tie it.


Mustad 34007 or equiv. Size #1 to 2/0


Red 3/0 or 6/0


(From inside out) Two yellow hackles, then two hot orange hackles, then two natural grizzly hackles tied in deceiver style at the hook bend. Mix in some Krystal Flash and Flashabou of your choice along the sides. For this fly I like gold Flashabou mixed with yellow and/or orange Krystal Flash.


Gold bodibraid or mylar tinsel, double wrapped. If using mylar tinsel coat the body with Hard As Nails or epoxy and let dry before proceeding.


Sparse white bucktail topped with green bucktail extending to the middle of the tail. Sometimes I substitute chartreuse for green or blend in some yellow and/or chartreuse between the layers of white and green.


Mallard or teal flank feathers, matched in size and shape, pretreated on the inside (concave) with flexament, with a yellow painted eye with black pupil or stick-on prismatic eye applied with Loktite Stick’ Seal or Goop. Cheeks should extend to the bend of the hook or slightly beyond.