About the Club

The New England Saltwater Fly Rodders were founded in 1995 by Dave Beshara. Dave organized and initiated the first meeting, which was held at the Lawrence Eagle Tribune in Lawrence, Massachusetts. Lou Tabory was the guest speaker and Dave signed up 25 to 30 members at the meeting, most of which are still members today.

The New England Saltwater Fly Rodders' purpose is to provide a non-competitive environment in which members can share and learn from the collective knowledge of the club.  Through programs, trips and meetings, club members are able to gather information on techniques, equipment, fly-fishing destinations, fly tying, safety and conservation.



An Executive Committee and Board of Directors oversee the Fly Rodders.  The executive committee is made up of five elected officers:  the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Sergeant-at-Arms.  The board of directors includes a number of individuals who help with other aspects of the club, such as the monthly club newsletter editor, banquet director, programs and membership chairman.  The executive committee meets privately once a month to conduct club business and make decisions regarding the club.  These decisions are then brought back into the general membership through the regular club meetings and newsletter.

Unless otherwise announced, the club holds regular monthly meetings on the second Monday of the month at Northern Essex Community College in Haverhill from October through May.  Directions and a campus map are on the Directions page of this site.The meetings are open to the public, with a $10 admission fee, which can be applied toward the annual membership dues if the person elects to join the club at the meeting.  These meetings may include a fly tying program or tackle/rigging demonstartions, a short business meeting and a presentation by the guest speaker.  Guest speakers are primarily well-known guides, authors or professional fly tyers.

One of the club's most popular meetings is "Chart Night", which is held during the March meeting.  During this meeting local experts are on hand with nautical charts covering their areas of expertise and are available for all members to ask questions about specific topics, such as access, parking, techniques, seasonal patterns and hot flies.

From June through September, the monthly meetings are held "On the Water" with wading/shore trips, kayak and boat outings. Club members organize and volunteer for these trips.  Both the boat and shore-based trips are very popular because they allow club members to quickly learn how to fish new areas successfully with guidance from local experts.

Throughout the year, the Fly Rodders also participate in other fishing related events.  The club typically has a booth at the Marlborough and Rockingham Fishing shows where people can learn about the club and join.  The club often will offer incentives for new memberships at the shows, such as a box of flies that were tied and donated by its members. 

Throughout the year the club also hosts a number of fly-tying claves were members can get together to tie up and share some of their favorite patterns and techniques with other club members.  Instruction is also provided for beginners who can learn the basic techniques of fly tying, get advice on equipment and materials and also learn to tie a few basic patterns.  All materials for beginners is provided by the club.

Over the last several years the club has had an average of about 120 active members, with ages ranging from twenty to seventy and everything in-between.  Annual dues are $30, and members receive a monthly newsletter and access to all of the club's activities throughout the year.

Most of the members fish in the Cape and Islands, Boston Harbor, New Hampshire, Southern Maine and all points in between throughout the season.