Special Fly Tying Clave - April 18

At the next Fly Tying Clave at First Light Anglers (April 18, 9am-noon) we will have Bill Murphy, owner of E-Z Body Products, stopping by to share tips, techniques and fly patterns using his E-Z Body and Bill's Bodi-Braid products.

Bill is fly tying’s leading expert in the use of tubings and will share his knowledge in a fun and informative manner. He will be covering the history, tips and uses, as well as contemporary fly patterns using tubings with the help of a brief slide show which will lead the class into an instructional tying session.

If you have been struggling with tubings or have always wanted to learn the tricks that contemporary fly tiers like Rich Murphy, John Ryzanych, Henry Cowen or Steve Farrar use to create their patterns. Bill will be happy to answer all of your questions and have you well on your way to being a creative contemporary fly tier with tubings.


  • Students should have all basic tools and materials.
  • Bill will supply most of the materials needed for the class.
  • Please bring the following items if you have them, Softex, Prismatic eyes and Hooks.